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Are you a new client (private or company) and want to buy gas in rental cylinders? No problems! When paying for a purchase in our online store, accept the standard terms of the packaging lease agreement and with the first delivery you will receive a lease agreement. Once a month you will receive a rental invoice to your e-mail address. 
If you want to save money, the long-term rental of cylinders BONUSS RENT is also available for you. In the gas section, you can also choose and pay for the option that is acceptable to you (rent for 12.24 or 36) and get a discount from 50% to 65%.

Are you already our client but your first time at GasBox? You can contact us and we will connect you to your account! You will be able not only to make purchases taking into account the available discounts, but also to make regular orders, control and manage your documents (invoices, cylinder balances, etc.)